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17 July, 2020

FACE supported armed forces with the police and armies include animates with sanitizers and hand wash facilities and masks in Maridi Western Equatoria state project funded by UNDP Access to Justice and Rule of Law. .

June, 2018

FACE engaged Women, Youth Chiefs/elders and religious leaders in a 01 day community awareness session on peace making process and the importance of dialogue in Lobonok. Youth and elders have conduced number of dialogue to resolve the issue of disunity.

5 november, 2019

With support from FACE, Peace committee members in Lobonok organized and facilitated 01-day community dialogue between Youth, chiefs / elders to discuss issues of disunity affecting their social economic and development process. The dialogue was mobilized by FACE in partnership and support from with UNDP-South Sudan the community resolved mutuallyto cooperate and seek means to build their communities. The youth and elders started working together in matters affecting the community. Proejct funded by UNDP.  

december, 2019

Peace through Sports Event -football tournament held in Yei on 12th December 2019 organized by FACE created space for Youth and community to interact with one another to discuss matters regarding disassociation among the youth. The event enables youth to re-engage with one another. And realised the importance of unity in diversity funded by UNDP. Building community peace through sport event held in Mangala on 10th December 2019 at (Balinya Boma). The event cultivated culture of peace and social cohesion . 

december, 2019

FACE organized Youth, Women, and Chiefs/elders religious leaders to dance and singing songs of peace meant to show solidarity and peace in the community Project funded by UNDP in Lobonok.. Community started visit and interact with one another.

september, 2019

24th of September 2019, FACE supported Peace committee to facilitate 01 day community dialogue between cattle keepers and the farmers in Jebel Lado in Juba County.

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