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Facilitating Action for Community Empowerment (FACE) is a National organization non-profit making and Non-Governmental established in 2013; legally registered in 2015 with the South Sudan Ministry and Humanitarian Affairs, Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) under chapter 3, section 10 NGOs act 2016 and the Ministry of Justice as a legal entity operating in South Sudan.  FACE aims at empowering women, Youth, chiefs/elders and faith based groups to actively participate in building strong networks to address the determinants that underpins community socio-economic development. Implements project as individual and in partnerships with UN agencies, National and International Organizations and Government institutions.


Empowering communities to develop socially and economically in a peaceful environment.



Community fully participating in socio-economic development



To strengthen communities to respond to socio-economic needs.

To enhance community engagement in conflict transformation and peace building initiatives.

To build Community capacities to find durable and sustainable solutions to their problems.



Commitment, Transparency and Accountability



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We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up for community empowerment and take the lead.


We organize inclusive events for community empowerment

17 July, 2020

FACE SOUTH SUDAN, program objective aims to support efforts that the people of south sudan benefit from more inclusive equitable and accountable governance, access to justice, human rights and rule of law. To ensure this is achieved, FACE SOUTH SUDAN sets specific objectives including;

Ensuring the promotion and protection of safe civic spaces and democratic processes. this is done in the implmentation of projects on community policing aimed at involving the participation of wemen and men at grasss root communities towards decision making processes on community safety and security, rights issues, social cohesion, and rule of law engagement.

29 June, 2020

FACE SOUTH SUDAN, education strategicobjective is to enhance community mechanism to support formal and non formal education through interventions in both primary and secondary schools, vocational skills training (VST), life and livehood skills development of girl child rights, throuht resource mobilization on school feeding, wash (provision of sanitary materials construction saafe women rooms, and institutional strenthening/construction for conducive learning)

5 May, 2020

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